Discover Budapest - Night Tour & Journey

Downtown Budapest by night is definitely a must-see. Glorious lights and mesmerizing views all along the Danube: Budapest Night Cruise will take you to a completely new level of evening sightseeing tours. Whether you have your first night in the Hungarian capital or you have visited numerous times before, a ride with River Cruise Budapest will definitely be a night to remember.

Your one-hour long program with Night Cruise Budapest will take you through a journey filled with UNESCO World Heritage sights. The entire Danube Promenade area is full of mind-blowing attractions. You begin your night program at the pontoon of the Elizabeth Bridge, the newest bridge of Budapest, connecting downtown Pest and the affluent Gellert Hill area in Buda.

14 € /person

48 hours valid Ticket


When lit up in all its glory, the Elizabeth Bridge is the greatest kick-off point for the tour. All along the Danube, you will see buildings and sights from past centuries, for example, the prestigious Gellert Hotel. On the left, the Buda Castle district is the perfect reminder of why most tourists are fascinated with the Hungarian capital. Its living history and the splendid view will bring you the perfect after-dinner program, during sunset.

Budapest Night Cruise continues its journey to reach Chain Bridge, a true Hungarian icon. As a symbol of the capital, the Chain Bridge is a stunning sensation at night. Besides being elegant, it is also a major historic monument, a reminder of greater times in Hungarian past. Guarded by lion statues, the Chain Bridge is a perfect spot to take a few pictures. There is free Wi-Fi on board for your convenience, so you will be able to send your recently captured photos to your friends.

The cruise heads toward the Parliament, another great pillar of Hungarian heritage and arguably the most beautiful governmental buildings in Europe. You will remember this magnificent view for the rest of your life. A true landmark of Hungary and symbol of Budapest, it is home to the Hungarian.

National Assembly and to the current government. Being a century-old building, the Parliament is often renovated to make sure its glorious view is saved for future generations to come. You will hear more about its history on the cruise, while using our audio guide (up to 30 languages).

The cruise slowly reached Margaret Bridge and then takes a turn back all along the Buda side, towards the Liberty Bridge and Petofi Bridge. Budapest is a city famous for its bridges that is for sure but you never quite understand why until you see their glamour in person. Margaret Bridge has recently been renovated and besides linking Buda and Pest, it connects Margaret Island to the city’s circulation. (By the way, Margaret Island is also worth a stop). Liberty Bridge looks magnificent with its beautiful green colours and glittery lights. Towards the southern end, Petofi Bridge stands tall and proud as well.

Sunset panorama of Budapest is best to be enjoyed while cruising along River Danube, with a glass of drink, whether it is champagne, beer, wine, soft drink or mineral water. A drink of your choice is not included in the price, contributing to, truly, a night to remember. If you upgrade your tickets to Booze Cruise Ticket, you can drink unlimited draught beer or soft drink an eat 1 pizza or street food which you can choose before your cruise.