• All Inclusive Dinner Cruise Package

    4-course menu (appetizers, chosen soup, main course, sweet), unlimited consumption from the inclusions of the drink package) + table by the window
  • Firework Dinner Ticket & Drink Package

    4-course menu (appetizers, chosen soup, main course, sweet), unlimited consumption from the inclusions of the drink package)
  • Dinner Ticket

    4-course menu (appetizers, chosen soup, main course, sweet),


Option 1.

Spring salad with honey-mustard dressing

Option 2.

Burchée bites filled with a selection of traditional creams, served with rocket salad

Goulash Soup

Potato cream soup with carrot curl topping

Option 1.

Veal stew with Hungarian noodle dumplings

Option 2.

Chicken breast slices with saffron risotto

Option 3.

Roasted trout almond coating on steamed green bean bed with mashed potato and dill sauce

Option 4.

Duck leg confit with buttery mashed potato served with steamed red cabbage

Vegetarian Option 1.

Tofu with fresh salad

Vegetarian Option 2.

Grilled Halloumi Cheese served with fresh garden salad

Sweet Option 1.

Flan cake forest fruit ragout

Sweet Option 2.

Seasonal fruit salad

Bubbly champagne - Magical fireworks - Glamourous city lights of Budapest - Cruise on Danube River

On St. Stephen’s Day Hungarians commemorate the foundation of their state and the great achievements of St. Stephen, the first to be crowned as King of Hungary. The 20th of August is considered one of the most important national holidays, festivities are ongoing throughout the day, though, and the evening celebration is truly the icing on the cake. River Cruise Budapest brings you not only a glimpse of Hungary but also the ultimate folklore experience. While enjoying our exquisite cruise on the Danube, you will get a chance to listen to live Hungarian folklore music. As your cruise takes rounds from one pontoon to another, you will get to enjoy the view of the most famous Hungarian sights.

Joyful celebration and the smell of Hungarian summer nights. This is what Budapest Cruise has to offer on the 20th of August.

When lit up, the Parliament shines in all its glory – it is unlike anything you have ever seen in this part of Europe. The splendid green of the Liberty Bridge may steal your heart, only to find out that the Elizabeth Bridge is even more elegant. It is an experience you will hardly ever forget. The dazzling light of the Chain Bridge comes next, with its stone lions, representing the strength and perseverance of the Hungarian nation.

Mesmerized by all this beauty, you may consider some refreshments. Let us get settled for dinner with some Hungarian aperitifs (liquor and snaps among else). The palinka specialties are highly recommended. Now it is time to indulge in great food, which is, clearly, the essence of your Hungarian experience. Hungarian cuisine has its well-earned reputation all over the world.

There is a prominence of meat (beef, pork, and poultry) and almost every main course comes well-seasoned with Hungarian sweet paprika. Besides vintage Hungarian dishes like chicken paprika, goulash or beef stew, you will get to taste the new bread (being a religious tradition, the blessing of the new bread is part of the daytime festivities). For dessert, pastries and cakes will be served among other delicacies.

The Cake of Hungary will also be included in the menu. Each year a cake specialty is prepared for the 20th of August celebration by top Hungarian confectioners. Typical Hungarian ingredients (such as nuts, poppy seed, cottage cheese, apricot jam) define the characteristics of the Cake of Hungary year after year. As you finish your folklore dinner, the time has come for the highlight of St. Stephen’s Day: dazzling fireworks!

The show takes about 30 minutes and there is not a single spot in town better to be lost in admiration than onboard River Cruise Budapest. Unequivocally the firework show will be the cherry on top for your Hungarian folklore experience. As Hungarian tri-colored fireworks are painting the sky, authentic music will add up to the level of excitement.

So relax, sit back with a glass of champagne and enjoy the sparkle!