BUDAPEST Danube Cruise – Cocktail Bar & Beer Ship

There are a handful of opportunities to spend your first day as a tourist in the Hungarian capital. Budapest has many faces, it is a city of sports & leisure, of music & architecture, of nightlife and cuisine, but more importantly, it is the city of River Danube. The Danube is the heart of not only Budapest but also the entire Eastern European region. With the river running through the center of the city, it divides into two different parts, Buda and Pest.

Our meeting point is going to be the Danube Palace (located in a gorgeous downtown area of Pest, on Zrinyi Street). Each day the tour kicks off at 15:30 pm. We suggest you take a comfortable seat on board, enjoying the atmosphere of our air-conditioned ships and start sipping an ice-cold beer or cocktail. Get ready for your adventure with Budapest Danube Cruise!

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Looking at sights of the Buda side of the Danube you will be amazed by the Castle District and its variety and style. From the Royal Palace to Matthias Church or Fisherman’s Bastion, Buda and its riverside are full of attractions and landmarks. Together, they offer an unbelievable panorama. When it comes to Pest, the Danube Promenade is a fascinating sidewalk of downtown Budapest full of cafes, restaurants and historical sights. The icing on the cake will definitely be the Hungarian Parliament. A masterpiece of Neo-Gothic architecture, the Parliament of Hungary is the third largest parliament building in the entire world. Although it is over a hundred years old, it has not lost a tiny bit of its glory. Get your cameras ready for the perfect selfie!

By choosing Budapest Danube Cruise for your perfect afternoon activity, your ticket will include either three glasses of beer (of your choice) or two cocktails from our selection. We offer the all-time favorites such as Mojito and Cuba Libre, along with specialties. Whether you look forward to spending a lovely afternoon with your partner or meet up with a group of friends, or start exploring this beautiful city, our cruise is your way to go!


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  • The cruise stars at 16:00
  • Meeting time: 15:30


Cuba Libre
Old Fashioned
Pina Colada
Sex on the Beach
Tequilla Sunrise
Gin Fizz