Rent a Private Boat in Budapest

Do you plant to celebrate an event or organize a party in Budapest? Did you already make a search for the perfect event place in the capital of Hungary? Budapest is well-known about its tourism, buildings and beautiful places that you can visit during your holiday here. What about the special events? Where you make it more memorable for your family and friends or business partners?

Our cruises are ideal event places for weddings, business meetings, company events or private parties such as birthday or anniversaries.

What to know about our private boats?

We have two types of boats in our fleet, one of them has a possibility for cruising on the river Danube. These boats usually are under using by fix night programs, however, if we got enough information about the special event before minimum 1 week we can start organizing the tour.

The other type of private boats are the boats which are not moving on the river Danube, they have fix places in Budapest.

Our boats also have capacities for smaller groups under 50, but you can see bigger boats in our collection which is optional close to 250. There are many factors which can be an effect on the exact capacity of the boat, such as seating, type of tables and chairs, dancing area size and how big place is necessary for musicians. The other type of private boats are the boats which are not moving on the river Danube, they have fix places in Budapest.

For more information about availabilities, the capacity of private boats for events, other information, please contact us!


Some ideas and questions for private events that you wish to organize in Budapest and you need to know before you start managing it.

Firstly, if you wish to rent a private boat you need to calculate with the exact number of recipients. If there are less people than you think for the first time, there can be other possibilities for your event. It means you can save money by renting a smaller boat in Budapest.

Secondly, you need to figure it out your wishes, such as decoration, musicians, departure time and meeting point, because it is very hard to organize an event without enough information that is must communicate for your guests.

Finally, if you know exactly you wish, we offer everyone the visiting of the boat before the event. Pictures and videos are not enough to know everything about the place. Our colleagues help you to take a walk on the board and have enough information.