Budapest River Cruise on the River Danube with guidance and dinner!

What can a Budapest river cruise on the Danube offer to guests who would like to admire Budapest, this historical, wonderful capital city from the river?

A cruise provides not only the experience of sailing but also an eternal memory and a special feeling. Moreover, you will receive extra energy from the water. The magnificent view of Budapest pleases your eyes, and it can be a really hard task to choose from the several sights which can be seen from our catamaran. For example, you can adore the building of the Hungarian Parliament, the beautiful cupola of the Castle of Buda, the Matthias Church, or all of the bridges. During our dinner and sightseeing cruises, we pass under some of them.

Budapest river cruise night

Budapest daytime cruises

What can a Budapest River cruise provide? What would you receive from it?

Hungary is worthily famous for its tourism. Several tourists visit our country from year to year, and they adore the most beautiful and famous cities in our country, taste the national dishes, or try the noblest Hungarian wines. Sometimes we, Hungarians, may forget how lucky we are. Our country is full of beautiful natural places and also marvelous buildings and other spectacles. Although we live here, we often forget to enjoy all this treasure which is so near to us. If you choose our Budapest River Cruise, you can flash a glance to the everyday life of the city like a bird which flies above the bank of Buda and Pest and the monumental buildings. You can adore the city with several cars and people. Furthermore, the night lights of Budapest always fascinate our guests. A Budapest Cruise is an inspiring experience not only for foreigners but also for us, Hungarians.

Budapest Night Cruise

How can we enhance this adventure? Can the smell of the water, the sight of the lights and the buildings, the whole historical experience be enhanced at all? Our answer is absolutely simple, yes! We can enhance all these delightful experience! Budapest Dinner Cruise and Live Folk Music Why is our unique cruise more special than an average one? Well, a simple cruise lasts not more than 70 or 80 minutes. Most of them make only one round in the city, and they usually provide audio-guide service, too. However, if you choose our dinner cruise, you will enjoy the view from an absolutely unique aspect. While our catamaran is passing under the Chain Bridge, Margaret, Elisabeth, Petofi, and Liberty Bridges, you can make memorable and really spectacular photos about yourselves with the most famous buildings of Budapest in the background. And we can still enhance the experience! We offer live music shows and multi-course dinner, so we guarantee that all of your senses will enjoy our programme.

Our programmes are available in the frame of the Traditional Folklore and Operetta Show, or you can enjoy well-known Hungarian music performed by a Gypsy Band. Some of our cruises provide a unique live music piano show, during which world-famous pianists’ competition will transport you to a marvelous universe. On this programme, hostesses will take care about your comfort, and also entertain you with songs. This cruise with the live piano show may be an ideal programme for anniversaries or marriage proposals. Are you preparing for Valentine’s Day, but you are fed up with the average sites? Then our romantic dinner cruise is the ideal solution for you! Choose us, and surprise your sweetheart with a rose as the symbol of the eternal love in a special milieu.

Our sightseeing cruises offer menu or buffet meal, and you can always choose from two or more courses. You can try exotic dishes, but we can also satisfy your requirements in case you are vegetarian, perhaps if you would like to eat Hungarian or meat-free dishes. Are you still hungry? No problem! A good meal cannot end without a delicious dessert. Hungarian and also foreign groups often book a cruise as a site of a team building programme or a business meeting. We recommend our Hungarian Folklore Show if you are interested not only in sightseeing and Hungarian dishes, but also would like to get to know the traditional Hungarian dances with magnificent costumes. You can even try a good quality Hungarian brandy (called palinka). During this Folklore Show, our guests may receive a short training about some main steps of Hungarian dances even they are able to try them with the help of our professional dancers.

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