70 minutes Budapest Sightseeing Tour

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Join for Budapest Boat Tour – 70 minutes Journey on the Danube river

What is the best way to visit places in Budapest without waiting in traffic jams or doing some unnecessary rounds in the capital of Hungary?  We help you to see the best part of our lovely city and you can discover the capital of Hungary. Our 70 minutes boat tour discover you in Budapest helps a lot to you to take wonderful pictures from the Danube river.


Schedule from November 1
Departure from Dock 11 Arrival to Dock 11 Type
11:00* ☀️ 12:10* ☀️ Daytime ☀️
13:00* ☀️ 14:10* ☀️ Daytime ☀️
15:00* ☀️ 16:10* ☀️ Daytime ☀️
17:00 🌙 17:30 🌙 Nighttime 🌙
19:00 🌙 19:30 🌙 Nighttime 🌙
21:00 🌙 21:30 🌙 Nighttime 🌙
*Due to river closure, these tours do NOT operate on Mondays till January 2023.

Our sightseeing tours tickets are valid for 48 hours, you can use it unlimited during its validation. Our boat works in the hop-on-hop-off system which means you can take off from the boat in every stop or continue your tour later if you would like it.




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