Romantic Valentines Day Dinner in the heart of Budapest

There are many special places where we can tell the heart of our hearts how much we love him, but few sites give the perfect background behind what we say and strengthen its content!

This day is really different! Here's the chance to show you why your heart is so great! In a cozy atmosphere, with pleasant background music and a red rose on your table, you can enjoy your hand while enjoying a delicious dinner that offers a unique culinary and gastronomic experience with 4 flavors and international and/or domestic flavors, giving you a perfect setting for romantic evening programs.

Our dinner boat not only creates romance and romance in the heart of every lady and gentleman but also presents the most beautiful parts of Budapest in a unique way, while walking around in the city center, between Margaret Bridge and Rákóczi Bridge.

During the program, our guests receive 4 dishes, which can be chosen on the spot according to the individual needs. From our offer you will find the ones who avoid the meat dishes, because our vegetarian options perfectly replace it.

Romantic Evening Program in Budapest - What could be more unique?

The stage, world-renowned performers and pianists will provide the atmosphere, while meeting the special expectations of our guests.

If your partner's favorite Whitney Houston or Titanic's well-known track, or some of today's popular songs, write to us to prepare for the big evening together, this day is different than the rest! One day out of this day, there was no woman who wouldn't have been taken by a well-trained man!

Calling for Valentine's Day may be an anniversary? We'll help you with that!

Every year you spend together strengthens your relationships! Just as every minute and event you spend together build your feelings! Surprise your sweetheart, dine on our romantic Danube Cruises on February 14 this year on World Love Day!

Most men or women go for less! You think it is enough to get a regular restaurant and a red rose or give it! Be different this year, organize something special, be better than you were last year. If you're the first Valentine's Day, then don't hesitate! Put the lesson high so that it will never be worse in the future!

If you think about romantic things and you are in Budapest - Choose the Danube where you can try dinner with a cruise! Get it all in one place, raise your evening's quality with your look!

Our cruise dinner program starts at the 11th dock harbor and starts at 19:30 in the evening, then offers you everything you promised for 3 hours. If you still have a lot of questions and ideas in your mind, you have organizational difficulties, please contact us!