When you visit the Hungarian Capital you need to know a lot of things before it! Where to buy and where to visit? These two questions can help you to save some money! Our article will help you to not miss out any program or tours in Budapest!

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Boat trip in Budapest, either in winter or summer!
Do you want to join for the perfect tour in Hungary? Are you looking for a perfect stay in nature, but you are afraid that the weather is too hot or too harsh? Boat excursion in Budapest is an ideal opportunity for anyone who is afraid of these problems, moreover, they don't have to spend their days at home.

What does a boat trip in Budapest offer to those who try it?

Not only can you see the most famous parts of Budapest during the tour, but you can also enjoy a freshly prepared sandwich on our sightseeing cruises, perhaps a pizza with a couple of pint of beer or soft drink. The tour takes a total of 75 minutes and thanks to the technical tools, we get the exact information we can see during the program with the help of an audio-guide system.

What can we meet during our daytime sailing program?

One of the ensembles of such a building is the Hungarian Parliament, the Opera House or the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the Technical University, the Buda Castle and Palace, the Matthias Church, the Rudas Thermal Bath or even all the bridges in Budapest, under which our cruise ship passes, like Chain Bridge, Elisabeth Bridge, Petőfi Bridge, Margaret Bridge or Liberty and Rákóczi Bridges.

How much does a cruise ship sightseeing ticket in Budapest costs?

Several companies have sightseeing tours in Budapest, just like Silverline Cruises and Legend Cruise, and Mahart and BKK companies, which also have dinner programs.  The average price of the Sightseeing Boat Tickets available From HUF 2,000 Including 1-1 Greetings, Mostly included with a Short Drinks

What services are available even on sightseeing tours? What do you see if you would like to have an evening cruise?

Firstly, Budapest is much nicer in the evening than in the daytime. This may be a strong statement, but the most beautiful photos and experiences are all about a wonderful evening program in Budapest. This is better both in summer and winter. In addition, our boat dinner program is also important, which can be accessed through a variety of musical programs, such as live piano and Hungarian folklore programs, which takes 3-3 hours for both boat programs and includes a 4-course menu of 1-1 greetings with a welcome drink.

What dishes are available on board the ship?

Not only are the classic Hungarian menus available, but also popular international flavors and dishes are on the menu, 2 types of appetizers, 2 kinds of soups and 6 different main dishes ensure that everyone who arrives on board will find a snack for themselves. If this is not enough, you can choose a dessert from the main dishes, including two options. Our guests who are sensitive or special dieters are asked to give advance notice of a boat trip if they have any allergies or diets so that our staff can pay attention. Although I have to mention that it is not a problem if the sensitivity of our guests is revealed only on the ship, as our offer includes vegetarian, gluten and lactose-free options. After having eaten our main meal, our dinner boat will start its second round with which we will serve our dessert.

Meanwhile, there is a live performance on board, which means that our artists entertain our guests with internationally acclaimed songs. Our ship departs from the Elisabeth Bridge, from the dock 11 and arrives at the same. Our company does not deal with airport service, there are paid parking facilities in the quay area, and we strongly recommend Budapest's best shuttle and taxi services, which can be easily accessed from the airport.